Employer Resources

Are your employees commutes affecting your bottom line?

Benefits for you

  • Less stress
  • Faster commutes using HOV lanes
  • Major cost savings
  • More productive commute time
  • Tax-free subsidies for some programs
  • Personalized work schedules
  • Incentives for green trips

Benefits for your employer

  • Happier, more productive employees
  • Less tardiness and fewer absences
  • Reduced office space/parking requirements and expense
  • Greater ability to recruit employees who live far away or don’t have a car
  • Tax deductions for subsidized programs
  • Increased employee retention
  • Enhanced corporate image
  • Recognition by Commute Solutions

Benefits for our community

  • Cleaner air
  • Less traffic
  • Increased business productivity
  • A vibrant economy
  • Improved ability to attract new business to the Houston-Galveston area
  • Better quality of life

Want to learn more about pre-tax benefits, or help implementing and promoting an effective commuter benefits program? Request a presentation or phone call with us and find out how easy it can be to offer Commute Solutions to your employees.

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Imagine if your commute were 30 feet instead of 30 miles. It can be if you have a job that lets you work from home. Teleworking delivers many benefits for you and your employer, including:

  • Higher productivity
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Less stress
  • Reduced overhead expenses for your employer

If teleworking isn’t already offered at your company, Commute Solutions can help. We provide free tools, information and support to make it easier for employers to set up a teleworking program..

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Skip the 9 to 5 and reimagine your work hours. With a compressed work week, you work more hours per day and fewer days per week—say, four 10-hour days. Another alternative is flextime, where you have staggered work hours that help you completely avoid rush hour coming and going.

If your employer doesn’t offer alternative work schedules, we can help develop and implement a plan at no cost.

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There are many benefits to helping your employees utilize an alternative form of transportation. Under Section 132 (f) of the Internal Revenue Code, employees are allowed to set aside up to $255 per month pre-tax for transit or vanpool expenses (or $20 for bicycle commuting expenses), similar to a flexible spending plan for medical expenses.

Here's how your organization can take advantage of the savings:

  • The employer pays the cost of a transit pass or vanpool seat (up to $255/month) and is able to deduct the cost of providing the benefit.
  • The employee and the employer can share the cost of the transit pass or vanpool seat and both share in the savings.

Regardless of how the benefit is paid for, the employee pays no income tax on the benefit and the employer saves on payroll taxes.

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